About Me

Hello and Welcome!

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It all started when…

I was in college, living on my own, and my gut health was very poor. I was constantly having stomach issues and unable to eat a lot of the “fun college” food. While Nick and I were dating, we began to fall in love with cooking together. We started diving into healthier eating and slowly taking out foods that I was discovering upset my stomach. So it didn’t take long for me to say goodbye to dairy and most other animal products. That was our intro to vegetarian/vegan/plant based diet with a few exceptions. We still purchase pasture raised eggs, wild caught fish, and every so often we dive into some veggie pizza.

Then we were expecting our first child. I was like most other moms and immediately began to nest and think about the environment I was about to bring my child into. Once I brought my brand new (hardly had enough weight on her and struggling with nursing) daughter home, I knew I needed to take our health to the next level. I dived into home cleaning products and saying goodbye to the toxins. As our daughter got older, she then began to experience excessive ear discomfort, which resulted in ENT visits every month to every couple of months. I ended up having surgery for carpol tunnel, and we were expecting our second. It was when the ENT wanted to schedule tubes for our daughter, I had a newborn, and I started experiencing tingling in my other arm (only to realize it second surgery would need to be scheduled…ugh!) that I knew we needed some changes. I was shown doTERRA oils, and it was in that moment I knew our lives had changed. They healed my daughters ears - canceled that surgery, they healed my tingling and painful feelings I was having in my left arm - canceled that surgery, and I had a way to help support all the emotions we were going through with a second newborn in the house. Even though we still experience some bumps in the road, our health in general has been on the rise and I continue to better our environment, better our nutrition, and better our wellness products around our home through research and passion.